Vegetalcaricasoap 100% derived from vegetable oil


100% derived from vegetable oil

Natural soap was completed through the development period of about three years, sticking thoroughly in both raw materials, manufacturing and quality. It is a creamy bubble, and it is washing up of moist mochi.
You can wash your body, face and hair in one full-body "Carica Soap". We arrived at the product of 100% vegetable oil origin (Stone Ken Foundation) which was aimed at the beginning of development by renewal.


About Vegetalcaricasoap

Because it is a natural Bath Soap that does not add chemicals, it is possible to use it to the person who is practicing natural beauty, the weak of the skin, of course, and the elderly person from a small child.

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vegetal caricasoap100g

vegetal caricasoap100g


vegetal caricasoap100g 5P

vegetal caricasoap100g 5P


How to use

Bath Soap with a small amount of water and then use it to Facewashing, shampoo and wash your body.


Product TypeSoap
IngredientsStone Ken Foundation (vegetable oil), papaya fermented granules