Yuki umebishio yoju Plum sauce from Nara

Yuki Umebishio yoju 250g 6P

Yuki umebishio yoju

Plum sauce from Nara

奈良奥吉野で栽培した有機青梅を梅干にし、有機Soy sauceを使ってつくりました。無双番茶を注いで、梅醤番茶でお召し上がりください。有機JAS(JONA)認定商品です


About Yuki umebishio yoju

Plum sauce is kneaded by grinding umeboshi meat and adding Soy sauce.

As an allowance to warm the body, it is a classic plum sauce Yoju for macrobiotec lovers.

We used organic Soy sauce prepared with old-fashioned cedar barrels using organically grown domestic round soybeans and wheat.

How to use

・Add 1-2 teaspoons of "Ume Sauce Yoju", pour hot musouban tea for about 7 minutes, mix well and drink.

・ Add a little ginger to make it more delicious. Adjust the intensity to feel delicious.

・Before meals and on an empty day, drink 2 cups a day as a guide.

・ As Seasoningother, it can be used for various dishes like Soy sauce dale.

Please pay attention

  • Be sure to use a drying clean spoon. Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsOrganic soy sauce, organic plum meat (some of the ingredients include wheat and soybeans)