Terafight bottle5set

It is a container with a built-in "zero magnetic field" gold magnet in the lid.
It can be used as a "zero magnetic field" item even with a single bottle.
3 without holes + 2 with holes Size: 32×27×40mm


About Terafightbottle

It has a shape that can be sandwiched between Terafight earth and Terafightcosmo. When used in combination, it can be expected that the material put in the container will be further powered up by the combined "zero magnetic field" energy.

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How to use

When "with a hole" is used in the bathtub of the bath, hot water passes through the bottle. It is OK even if powerstone is put at that time! If you put herbs, etc., a vibrant fragrance spreads from the hole through the "zero magnetic field". "No hole" brings out its original function by inserting beauty creams, health Supplement, Seasoningother, etc.

Please pay attention

  • Do not move this product away from equipment that generates strong electromagnetics, radiation, or magnetic fields.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsABS resin, magnet tip

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