Taruman Elephants Pillow Pillow to eliminate sagging and swelling

Taruman Elephants Pillow

Pillow to eliminate sagging and swelling



About Taruman Elephants Pillow

Did you know that if you hurt your neck because the pillow doesn't fit, various problems can occur from there?

The more books that say "If you press your neck, you will be cured of the disease", the condition of the neck where the pillow hits is so important.

We believe that if you can get enough energy from sleeping, your quality of life will improve dramatically.

In order to improve the quality of sleep, it is important to suppress the generation of wear static electricity and to compensate for geomagnetism.

What is a Taruman elephant?

1. It is a pillow developed to supplement geomagnetism and eliminate the problem of sagging and swelling.

2. It is equipped with 5 independently developed geomagnetic chips.

・In order to transmit geomagnetism more effectively, we specially combined Corydora and electronic components that prevent electromagnetic waves.

・The original electromagnetic wave removal coil and Gaia ceramic, which supplements the geomagnetic field, are coated with charcoal to upgrade the Black Eye.

Size: Approx. width 43× length 63× height 15cm

Height: Slightly higher

Hardness: Slightly soft

* We do not accept returns after use. Please note.

How to use



Please pay attention

  • ・洗濯はできません。枕が汚れたら、陰干ししてください。
  • ・枕カバーを使用しても作用に変わりはありません。
  • 枕カバーは、枕のサイズより大きめのものをお選びください。
  • ・枕は何年も同じ高さ、風合い、形状を保つことはできません。
  • 頭、首をしっかりと支え、快適な睡眠を得るため、枕が劣化してきた場合は取りかえをおすすめします。
  • ・枕が低い場合はタオルなどで高さを調節してお使いください。
  • どうしても高いと感じる場合は側面のファスナーから中綿を抜くことで多少調節できます。

  • ※お届けまでにお時間がかかる場合がございます。


Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredients【生地】パイル地(パイル部 綿100%、グランド部 ポリエステル100%) 【中材】つぶわた(ポリエステル100%)、地磁気チップ5個

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