Shodoshima The Essence Water Paraben-free Skin Lotion

Shodoshima The Essence Water 120ml

Shodoshima The Essence Water

Paraben-free Skin Lotion

【New ingredients blended! 】 Renewal! 】
"The Essence Water" speedily sends a large amount of water to the stratum corneum and fills each cell with moisture. It is Skin Lotion which is a high blend of plant extract in olive fruit extract (patent pending) extracted from olives full of sun's blessings. Pick each fruit by hand and freeze and preserve the nutritious fruit that remains after squeezing it as "The Olive Oil" by a special method. The essence "Olive Fruit Extract", which sends only the necessary amount of fruit to the factory and extracts it over time, is an original ingredient of the Syoudoshima series. Because it is produced in small quantities by the fresh rotation method, the moisture that reaches the skin is always fresh. The natural color of the olives blends in smoothly so that they become one with the skin.
We recommend using it together with "The Olive Oil" and "The Soap".



About Shodoshima The Essence Water

We succeeded in developing the first cosmetic Battle Soap using 51% extra virgin olive oil in Japan. We have been able to manufacture with sincerity one by one with sufficient effort from engineers and craftsmen. Of course, it is fragrance-free, coloring-free, additive-free.

※ It has been renewed.

◆New ingredients

・ Lactobacillus / Pear juice fermented liquid (aging care)

Hydrolyzed yeast (aging care)

・ Rhodoch root extract (aging care)

Persimuous leaf extract (aging care)

Peach seed extract (aging care)

・ Tomitsu (moisturizing)

Sake lees extract (moisturizing)

Contents: 120 ml (about 3 months worth with 3 pushes in the morning and evening)

Fragrance-free / No synthetic coloring / Mild acidity / Paraben-free

After opening: As soon as possible (1 year is recommended) / Unopened: 3 years after manufacture

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