Iyashiro Super Stick Surisuri Kun Ore Power

Iyasiro Super Stick Surisuri Kun 140g

Iyashiro Super Stick Surisuri Kun

Ore Power

Energetic power fully open
Just by scratching the surface of the body on the side of the stick, "Y/ Y" is meguri,
By synergistic effect of the structure of the product and the force of the ore, there is a function to activate the object and loosen the hardened thing.
It uses the principle of dry cloth friction, loosens the material, and balances it while slitting the part you care about.


About Iyashiro Super Stick Surisuri Kun

Natural ore such as tourmaline and Fuji lava stone is used as the material of the contents.

Tourmaline, also known as "electric stone", is considered beneficial for the human body because it continues to issue weak currents at 0.06 millianiums semipersently at the same number as human biological currents.

The lava stone of Mt. Fuji is characterized by the fact that it contains many Marine Foods such as "Panadium" and "Zinc". It emits far infrared rays and negative ions, and has excellent bactericidal action.

In order to achieve a structure that efficiently aggregates the active power from ore, stainless steel production is manufactured at a processing plant of a precision machine manufacturer.

It took about two and a half years to develop the product in pursuit of shape, type of ore, and combination ratio, with the cooperation of patients at the ado-clinic.

※ Now I will give you ""Serrisri-kun" and "Push-kun" how to use DVD".

(Please let us know if you do not need it.) )

How to use

Just put it on the part of the whole body from the top of clothes or cloth, such as the head, face, chest, back, limbs, etc., and pickpocket.

10 to 15 seconds per location is a guide.

Please pay attention

  • * If you are using implanted medical electronic devices such as cardiac pacemakers, please refrain from using them.
  • If you are applying a cloth to apply a cloth to the face or skin.
  • If the stick part becomes dirty, wipe it off with a towel.


Product TypeHealth support
IngredientsStainless steel, ore