Sunprotectorcream Water Proof Sunscreen Base Cream

Lima natural sunscreen from sekkisei cream 30 g 3P


Water Proof Sunscreen Base Cream

No UV absorber
Water proof Sunscreen base cream (for both makeup base). Fine titanium becomes a veil and reflects ultraviolet rays and prevents it. Unisex, all season type.


About Sunprotectorcream

Contains yukinosita extract and sohakuhi extract to prepare skin tired from ULTRAVIOLET rays.

It is smooth in small amounts and does not float white.

No UV absorber (titanium oxide blended as scattering agent)

Fragrance-free, colorant-free, mineral-free oil

Contains pesticide-free camellia oil from Japan such as Izurishima

Natural spring water naturally filtered in chichibu ancient life

SPF34 / PA++

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Lima natural sunscreen from sekkisei cream 30 g 3P

Lima natural sunscreen from sekkisei cream 30 g 3P


How to use

After basic cosmetics (Skin Lotion, latex), extend a small amount to the entire face in your hand.

Then powder Foundation (pure UVFoundation or pure UV moisture crack)

When finished, the UV protection effect is enhanced more.

Take a small amount in your hand and blend in while putting to finish without white floating.

It can also be used for neck and whole body care.

Use Cleansing Washing Pack gel (makeup remover) when washing off.

Please pay attention

  • Use by:
  • Before opening: Room temperature storage about 3 years
  • After opening: about 6 months

  • If it does not fit your skin, please do not use it.
  • ※ There is no need to re-put it on many times.


Product Typecosmetics
IngredientsWater, cyclomethicon, BG, neopenthyl glycol dioctanate, titanium oxide, trioctanoin, cetyldimetyconcopol, zinc oxide, tribehenin, polyglyceryl diisostearic acid-3, serbitan cesquiisostearic acid, talc, glycerin, tsubaki oil, yuknosita extract, sohakuhi extract, mg sulfate, methicon, dainotyol Decarinium chloride

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