Sukoyaka Pot Type Just put it in a comfortable space

Sukoyaka Pot Gold Small

Sukoyaka Pot Type

Just put it in a comfortable space

For creating a comfortable room
Cute egg-shaped pottery "Skoyako". Just by putting it in the room, the weak current of the space is adjusted, creating a comfortable and comfortable space.


About Sukoyaka Pot Type

The main ingredient of "Sukiyaka" is silica (keiseki). It is a high-energy stone mined in an active zone (zero ground) called Fossa Magna.

Silica has a positive electrical property and has the characteristic of emitting far infrared rays.

In addition, it contains binchotan, which emits negative electrons with high electrical conductivity, and natural salts that adjust overall balance and waves. These are made into powder form and the appropriate amount is blended.

This combination of plus and minus balance balances the installed rooms to create a comfortable and comfortable environment.


1. Natural stone, charcoal, and natural salt create a "comfortable and comfortable space".

2. Energy processing of right rotation that inhales minus and left rotation releasing positive

A special chip that balances negative and positive energy is embedded in the contents to adjust the waves of the space.

3. Can be used both indoors and outdoors

It can be used in the entire detached site in the room such as an apartment building or an office.

4. One "comfortable and comfortable space"

"Sukiyaka" is made so that it is effective even if only one is placed.

If you can not put it in the four corners or you can put it in a little space and use it.

For example, please put it on a desk, costume case, refrigerator, shoe box, vanity, TV, etc.

5. There is no expiration date, and it can be used semi-permanently.

These goods have the other line-ups

Sukoyaka Pot Gold Small

Sukoyaka Pot Gold Small


Sukoyaka Pot Type Large 4pcs

Sukoyaka Pot Type Large 4pcs

[Set of 4 points is great]


Sukoyaka Pot Type Large

Sukoyaka Pot Type Large

Size: Large (diameter about 8.5× height about 10cm) Weight: About 0.6kg


Sukoyaka Pot Gold Big

Sukoyaka Pot Gold Big

This time, "Pot type (with pure gold leaf)" has been renewed to a pure gold leaf design that shines dazzlingly. By applying pure gold, which had previously been blended only internally, to the surface, the negative energy was reset, and the action of attracting positive positive sun energy was further improved.


Sukoyaka Pot Type Large 8P

Sukoyaka Pot Type Large 8P

Size: Large (diameter about 8.5× height about 10cm) Weight: About 0.6kg


How to use

"Sukoyaka Pot Type Type Small and Large"

Place it in your four corners.

This balances your entire home and changes it into a comfortable space.

(If the place to be installed cannot be placed in a closet or furniture, place it in the vicinity such as in or above.) It does not need to be installed strictly in the four corners.

If you want to further enhance the effect, after installing it in your entire house,

If you add "Sukoyaka Pot Type Type Large" to each room, the effect will be further enhanced by the synergistic effect.

"Sukoyaka Pot Type Type with Pure Gold Leaf"

It is ideal to place it in the four corners of your home as well as the conventional product "Skoyako".

"Skoyako Pot (Large) Terapink Sinngu Version"

Please use it around the desk at work, in the bed at home, in the refrigerator, in the kitchen, etc., where you are care.

If you want to further increase the iyashirotiation, place it in the four corners of the room.

This will begin to balance the ions of the entire room and change into a refreshing ear white space.

Please pay attention

  • Because it is handmade one by one, there is some difference in size and weight.
  • If dropped, it may crack. Please be careful when handling.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsNatural stone, carbonous, natural salt