spikelessband Exercise items that can be used anytime, anywhere


Exercise items that can be used anytime, anywhere

Only 6 minutes of exercise after eating does not leave sugar in the body!
Just put on it and exercise for just 6 minutes after eating, reducing the risk of sugar problems!
Modern people who tend to be tired and lack of exercise, let's get "spikelessband" as a new habit that everyone should start now and start exercising!


About spikelessband

This rubber material realizes the movement to consume sugar efficiently! Even with the same exercise, if you put on this rubber band and put a load on the muscles, it will be warm enough to sweat. Using ultra-soft, high-quality silicone rubber, which is also used in the medical and supreme fields, it has finally come to life. Because it is a delicate rubber, it is a long-lasting trick to have you handle it gently without pulling it too much.

1. Start exercising from about 30 to 40 minutes after the "first time you eat carbohydrates", such as rice, bread, udon!

2. Attach "spikelessband"! Just keep opening a little, apply tension, breathe slowly, and continue your favorite exercise for about 6 minutes at a speed (*) that does not raise your heart rate!

※ The extent to sweat a little. Ideally, if you have a heart rate system, you should exercise only 90 to 110.

※ If possible, after every meal. Once a day, breakfast or lunch is recommended!

※ It only acts on [sugar] broken down from carbohydrates. Dustry using Sugar also has an effect when flour is used.

How to use

【How to exercise】

1. Sitting Shoulder Flexion

Sit down so as not to lean back, straighten your back and sit in a chair. Open the legs and knees to the waist width, open the hand flat to the shoulder width with the hand inward, slowly raise the hand to the side of the ear, and lower it slowly.

2. Standing Gip Abduction

Wear a band around the top of both ankles, open the foot shoulder-width, hold the back of the chair with one hand, open one foot directly to the side, put the foot back, and reach the foot. Repeat this behavior.

Please pay attention

  • ・ Do not use for any purpose other than the purpose.
  • ・Do not stretch the shoulder to more than 50 cm. There is a risk of product damage.
  • ・Should you see any abnormalities in your body, discontinue use immediately.


Product TypeHealth Goods
IngredientsUltra-soft silicone rubber (viscous band)