Sokai Suiso Hydrogen Capsule

Sokai Suiso Premium 90pcs - Hydrogen Capsule

Sokai Suiso

Hydrogen Capsule

For care with rust on the body
We may not know yet that Hydrogen Blending is this good.
The main ingredient is Supplement, a coral powder that stores minus Hydrogen Blending ions.

Developed by Dr. Yingkawa, this is an exhilarating Hydrogen Blending product using the latest Hydrogen Blending powder.


About Sokai Suiso

Hydrogen Blending "Exhilarating Hydrogen Blending" is a coral Calcium that combines hydrogen blending with ions and powders it.

By eating, Hydrogen Blending will help you stay energized and energetic in every part of your body.

Minus Hydrogen Blending ions are high-quality supplements that have different powers than various vitamins and coenzyme Q10.

Please use it for health and beauty.

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Sokai Suiso Super Premium 90pcs - Hydrogen Capsule

Sokai Suiso Super Premium 90pcs - Hydrogen Capsule

Greatly powers up hydrogen blending generation. In addition, the amount of magnesium is increasing, and not only Calcium but also magnesium can be increased.


How to use

As a health supplement, please take 1 to 3 capsules a day in several times a day, and enjoy it with about 1 glass of water or lukewarm water.


Product Typefoodstuff
IngredientsCoral Calcium, HPMC