Somavedic Medic Ruby An out-of-the-6 Somavedic

Somavedic Medicruby

An out-of-the-6 Somavedic

Medic Ruby
Somavedic "Medic Ruby" is located in a slightly different place from the effects and development that the conventional Somavedic series was aimed at.
Somavedic "Medic Ruby" was created to support spiritual growth and reduce resistance to expressing kindness and opening the mind.


About Somavedic Medic Ruby


●寸法:直径 径 14.5㎝ 高さ 8㎝


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Somavedic Medicruby amd Mediccobalt set

Somavedic Medicruby amd Mediccobalt set


How to use

* Somavedic's monthly power consumption does not exceed 1 KWH (1 kilowatt hour). The electricity charge for one month is about 20 yen.

Please pay attention

  • ※底の位置には、60°Ⅽの温度に達する3つのUV LEDダイオードがあります。そのために熱くなる可能性がありますが、機器の機能上全く問題はございません。予めご承知おきくださいませ。


IngredientsHand blown crystal glass