Si-water Aged natural water

Si-water 500ml 10bottles


Aged natural water

Aged natural water
High-concentration silica nanocolloidal water "Si-water"


About Si-water

"si-Water" is an easy-to-drink concentrated Water that stabilizes silica, which is indispensable for making a strong and supple body, into nano-sized fine particles using a unique naturally cultivated method. Silica is contained through the whole body such as skin, hair, honne, major organs, etc., and let's spend healthy and beautifully by taking it into everyday life with ingredients that are of great attention to women who care about beauty and health♪

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Si-water 500ml 24bottles

Si-water 500ml 24bottles


How to use

Drink 50ml to 250ml a day.

Transfer the amount of "Si-water" you drink per day to a plastic bottle or bottle container, dilute it with water purification or Mineral Water, and drink it off little by little over the course of a day.

* If you drink 50 ml of "Si-water", you can consume about 33 mg of silica, and about 165 mg of silica in 250 ml.

【How to save】

Store at room temperature to avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity. After opening, close the cap tightly, store it in the refrigerator, and enjoy it as soon as possible. ※ White crystals may appear infrequently, but please drink with confidence because the naturally derived Mineral Food component contained in this product is crystallized.


Product Typedrinking water
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsWater and high concentration water-soluble silicon (silica)