Sincrose Laundry Powder



Laundry Powder

Everyday wear as healing wear
The secrets of Sincrose are precious metals such as gold and platinum that are nano-sized and ultrafine particles that heal the wearer and activate the biomagnetic field (life field). Because of its fineness, it firmly enters the fibers of clothing, so it is attractive that the more you wash it, the more power is added! The antibacterial action also cleans unpleasant odors. It finishes softly and refreshingly.


These goods have the other line-ups

Sincrose138ml 2set

Sincrose138ml 2set

「Sincrose 138ml」の2本セットです。


How to use

Please use "Sincrose" of about 7 minutes of cap for one wash (2-4 kg, 45L of water).

For fully automatic washing machines... Put this product in the soft water inlet and start washing.

In the case of a two-layer washing machine... When the rinsed water is clean, turn off the water, put this product in and turn it for about 3 minutes, then dehydrate.

Please pay attention

  • ・After opening, please use one year as a guide.
  • ・Do not store in places exposed to direct sunlight or in places with high temperatures and humidity.


IngredientsSilica, Trehalose, Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, Titanium