Natural beauty Hair Color Treatment

Natural beauty light brown

Natural beauty

Hair Color Treatment

Coloring and damage care at the same time
Natural beauty is a hair color treatment that gently treats your hair and skin while dyeing your white hair beautifully. Just use it as a Haircare treatment at home, and you can make a natural Hairdye little by little. There is no unpleasant odor and irritation, and it makes the care of the hair fun.


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Natural beauty Dark brown

Natural beauty Dark brown


How to use

The knack to finish beautifully, the amount of mullet is plenty!

[Approximate amount of usage]

Berry Short... 30g

Short ... 60-80g

Semi-long ... 100-150g

Long ... From 150g

If you have a lot of white parts of your hair, long waiting time is recommended (up to 30 minutes)!

Let's paint so as not to put it on the ground! (Rinsing is smooth.) )

If you are concerned about coloring your hands and nails, such as those who are fashionable with nails, we recommend using an attached disposable plastic bag or a kushi.

Please pay attention

  • Please be sure to perform a patch test before use.
  • Please use carefully whether there is an abnormality in the scalp. When it does not fit the scalp, i.e. please stop using it in the following cases (if you continue to use it as it is, it may worsen the symptoms, so it is recommended that you consult a dermatologist or the like).
  • (1) During use, redness, swelling, itching, irritation, color loss (white spots, etc.) and darkening (excluding dirt by the product) when abnormalities such as appeared.
  • (2) When the abnormality as described above appears in direct sunlight on the scalp used.
  • Please do not use it except for the hair. In addition, please refrain from use in areas with abnormalities such as scratches, swelling, eczema, etc.
  • There are individual differences in the standing time required for coloring due to hair quality, etc.
  • Please be careful not to stick to your skin or clothes. Because it is easy to change the color when it is wet, please be careful of the towel and the pillow etc.
  • Please be careful not to get into your eyes when washing off. When it gets in your eyes, rinse it thoroughly with water immediately.
  • Since the color attached to the skin becomes hard to fall off as time passes, immediately wipe it off with cotton or the like, please wash it off using Bath Soap. In addition, please be careful because it may be difficult to fall if left attached to bath tabs, washbasins, walls, floors, carpets, etc.
  • The contents attached to the container will cause dirt, so please keep it clean after use.
  • Because it is hard to fall when it enters the nail, it is recommended to use such as poly gloves and kushi. If the color remains between the nails and it is hard to fall off, wash with soap or use toothpaste with abrasives to make it easier to fall off (be careful when using it for soft skin).
  • Please do not store in places where infants can reach, direct sunlight, or in high temperatures.
  • After opening, please use it as soon as possible for 3 months.
  • Please refrain from using it during pregnancy.


Product TypeHair Color Treatment
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsWater, glycerin, behel alcohol, myristicol alcohol, staltrimonium bromide, isopropanol, capryalate coconut oil alkyl, seawater, (lactic acid bacillus / Saccharomyces / Rodpseudomonas) / (toumitsu / carbonated Ca / yeast extract) fermentation liquor , Okinawa mozuku extract, hydrolyzed soybean extract (black soybean), Morishima acacia bark extract, cha dry distillate, methoxycyclodextrin, macadamia nut oil, gardenia blue, gardenia yellow, crucon root, turmeric extract, orange oil, Arnica flower extract, Odorikosou flower extract, Dutch shouldn't extract, burdock root extract, japanese wooded mulberry extract, garlic extract, red pine bulb fruit extract, rosemary extract, Roman chamomile flower extract, sardine extract, chamomile flower extract, Fuyubodaiju flower extract, Tokinsenka flower extract, Yagurumagiku flower extract, hydroxyethylcellulose, dextrin, BG, etidronic acid, AMP, piroctone olamine, phenoxyethanol, (+/-) HC blue 2, HC yellow 4, HC red 3, basic blue 99, basic tea 16 (old designation ingredient, diamines not used)