Shinseisui Ingredients close to fluids in a healthy state

Shinseisui 1L 12set

Ingredients close to fluids in a healthy state

The Kita-Kami Koyo-ding formation is blessed with rich nature, where pristine native forests still remain.
"Shinseisui" gushes out to the ground through a large natural filter of 600 meters in thickness made of magnetite, limestone, and pomegranate stone about 200 million years ago in the layer.
Components per L: Calcium 10 mg, Magnesium 0.82 mg, Sodium 2.5 mg, Potassium 0.4 mg, Hardness 28


About Shinseisui

Natural Mineral Water rich in Calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium.

Water gushing from a water source of 600 meters is directly bottled under strict hygiene control, and no treatment such as overheating reduction bacteria has been performed, so it can be said that it is "living" water.

It is weakly alkaline (PH8.8) and the content of Mineral Food is moderately balanced, so it is soft to the mouth and very delicious water.


Product Typesoft drink
Country of manufactureKamaishi, Iwate