Seatofmagic Various ways to use

Seat of magic

Various ways to use

Sheet that draws out natural healing power
Iomist materials that generate large amounts of negative ions are printed on cotton nel fabric to enable continuous use for a long time.
Negative ions draw out natural healing power and relax the body by synergistic effect by weak current.
Size 10cm×20cm


How to use

1. Apply the sheet to touch the skin directly.

Apply the printed side (gray) to the part or point of care of the body so that it touches the skin directly.

2, Fix the sheet

Please fix the sheet with bandages, supporters, clothing, etc.

Because it is excellent in durability, the effect lasts, but that it is replaced in about 5 days

I recommend it.


IngredientsCoctunnel Polytetrafluoroethylene Tourmaline