Sawayaka Suna Just sprinkle it in the garden.

Sawayaka Suna

Just sprinkle it in the garden.

Comforting of housing
Balances the weak electricity of the land and provides plenty of natural positive energy
Just by spraying it around the site, it will easily clean the "negative energy" that has ingrained in the land and the site.


About Sawayaka Suna

It is sand that is bathed in plenty of natural positive energy collected on the coast located at the wave spot on the central tonic line.

By spraying on the site or around the building, negative energy is neutralized and a clean space is created.

These goods have the other line-ups

Sawayaka Suna 3set

Sawayaka Suna 3set

3 box set where points are advantageous


Sawayaka Suna 2P

Sawayaka Suna 2P

A set of 2 points


How to use

In the case of a detached house

I scatter it evenly in the garden and the site. Even if the amount to be sprinkled is large or less, the effect does not change. Open the plastic bag on the exterior and sprinkle it little by little.

Sprinkle on concrete or asphalt.

If "carbon buried", it is recommended to use it together.

In the case of apartments and apartments

If the site such as an apartment building is large and cannot be sprinkled overall, sprinkle around the building and around the site.

Although the standard does not expire once a year in "Refreshing sand", it is recommended to sprinkle once a year as a guide.

Please use it every time you are particularly concerned.


Product Typedaily necessities
IngredientsNatural sand, natural stone, natural salt

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