Sang Vert Barley Young Leaf Extract Green Valley

Sang Vert 60pcs

Barley Young Leaf Extract Green Valley

Beautiful skin with chlorophyll
The extract of barley young leaves is powdered at low temperature.
The absorption rate of nutrients is more than 90%! It is a strong ally of modern people who tend to lack vegetables.
We do not use preservatives or colorings, so you can enjoy it with confidence.


About Sang Vert

Chlorophyll, a component of barley young leaves contained in Sunvale, has the power to make your skin beautiful.

Why don't you drink every day and become energetic and beautiful?

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Sang Vert Shaker

Sang Vert Shaker

With scale.


Sang Vert 60pcs 4case

Sang Vert 60pcs 4case

4 box set with great points


How to use

【How to eat】

Dissolve 2 packages a day in 150 ml of water.

In addition, even if it is melted with milk, soy milk, yogurt, etc., you can enjoy it deliciously with a matcha flavor without a case.

Please pay attention

  • When heat is added or dissolved in hot water, raw ingredients may be decomposed or changed, resulting in loss of nutritional content.
  • If it does not fit your constitution, discontinue use.


Product TypeWheat and barley young leaves processed food
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsBarley young leaves, dextrin ※This product does not use preservatives and colorings.