pupeyesheet Super beautiful vibration P-UP wave leads to healthy eyes

P-UP eye sheet 12 times

Super beautiful vibration P-UP wave leads to healthy eyes

Tone up with "just paint and paste"
Focusing on the "bear" around the eyes, cream and sheet tinged with "super beauty vibration P-UP wave", working on the deep "Meguri" with double force, to promote a smooth flow and to the healthy and stretchy eyes


Please pay attention

  • Paste "pupeyecleem" on the painted part.
  • ※ Please be sure to use it from the top with eye cream applied.
  • If it does not agree with your skin, please discontinue use.
  • Store in direct sunlight and away from high temperatures and humidity.
  • Do not use on wounds, dermatitis, etc.


Country of manufacture日本
IngredientsFronte Corporation

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