Pokapoka Wamer A feeling of poka poka of the spine that is worried about coldness

Aura Sesuji Pokapoka Warmer poket

A feeling of poka poka of the spine that is worried about coldness

Because it has the characteristic that it is hard to get stuffy, you can use it with confidence for a long time with a comfortable feeling of use.
It is an inner feeling worn on underwear, it is hard to stand out, and if you wear it under a shirt, you will not mind when you wear a suit, it is safe.
Size: 32 outside around the neck× inside the neck 22× thickness 1cm Weight: 35g


About Pokapoka Wamer

The fiber kneaded with natural ore "Aura Stone", which is also used for bedrock bathing born from submarine volcanoes, stores heat while emitting far infrared rays, and the inside of the natural ore is firmly in it, so it warms comfortably from the shouldercap to the clavicle.

* Returns after use are not allowed. Please understand in advance.

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Aura Sesuji Pokapoka Warmer

Aura Sesuji Pokapoka Warmer



Ingredientsポリエステル100%、パイピング部/ポリエステル、中わた/ポリエステル100% (天然鉱石含有)

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