Pokapoka Wamer A feeling of kakapoka in the spine that is bothered by coldness

Aura Sesuji Pokapoka Warmer poket

A feeling of kakapoka in the spine that is bothered by coldness

Because it has the property that it is hard to be steamed, you can use it with peace of mind for a long time with a comfortable feeling of use.
It is an inner feeling to wear on underwear, it is hard to stand out, and if you wear it under the shirt, you do not care at the time of the suit, it is safe.
Size: Outside around neck 32× inside 22 × thickness 1cm Weight: 35g


About Pokapoka Wamer

海底火山から生まれた岩盤浴にも使われている天然鉱石“Aura Stone”を練り込んだ繊維が、遠赤外線を放出しながら体温も蓄熱し、天然鉱石入りの中わたがしっかり入っているので、肩甲骨から鎖骨までじんわり心地よく温めます。


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Aura Sesuji Pokapoka Warmer

Aura Sesuji Pokapoka Warmer



Ingredients100% polyester, piping/polyester, 100% medium/polyester (contains natural ore)

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