Pinto tronco habit of the right posture

Pinto Tronco

habit of the right posture

A 3D shape cushion that makes the foundation of the trunk!
When the underlying pelvis is supported so that it wraps around it in a three-dimensional shape, it will start to be arranged so that the spines are stacked.
"p!nto TRONCO" without a backrest where ground-based comfort dwells in the casualness of sitting on the stump for a while.


About Pinto tronco

[Support of the osso] ... It prevents the pelvis from falling sideways and provides correct position information for the sedicum, which is the key to sitting balance.

[Support of the pelvis]... Provides correct positioning to prevent pelvis distortion and back tilt and maintain the foundation of the body.

[Support of the foot] ... It provides information to prevent excess tension in the legs and keep the thigh in the correct position, which makes it easier to move the hip joint.

Size: Diameter 450mm × thickness 100mm

Weight: 1.1kg


IngredientsCushion Material: Polyurethane HR Foam, Cover Fabric: PVC100%