pinto square cushion

Pinto Square


make a habit of correct posture
It has a gentle structure that will not make you work your spine, and when you sit down, the hard side of the back of the cushion supports the sacral bone that is the foundation of the spine from behind. The soft surface accepts the sciath and supports it so that it wraps around the entire buttocks. The front part of the pelvis is supported on a hard surface to prevent a loss of legage.


About pinto square

Size: W400mm × H25~90mm × D400mm

Weight: 840g

It always has a mechanism to return to the correct axis, so you can move freely, lightly, and with peace of mind. To know the correct starting position, to place the bone in a position where the joints are easy to move, and to guide smooth center of gravity movement. Pinto square's materials and shapes support functional activities.


Product Typecushion
IngredientsCushion material: polyethylene, cover fabric: polyester