Pintosports Support good posture

Pinto Sports

Support good posture

"Focus Sports" is a foundation that awakens the trunk muscles, positions the bones correctly and leads to the correct functioning of the muscles.
Our bodies are constantly over-trying in the contradictions of "staying" and "moving."
Bone placement is complex and unstable, so we always try to stop our bodies, which hinders our activities.
If we are freed from the effort to stay, we will be able to use the muscles to move freely, and at the same time, we will be able to use the muscles of the trunk without contradiction.


About Pintosports

(1) Supporting the odrst

It prevents the pelvis from falling sideways and provides correct position information for the sedicum, which is the key to sitting balance.

(2) Support of the pelvis

Provides correct positioning to prevent pelvis distortion and back tilt and maintain the foundation of the body.

(3) Foot support

It prevents excess tension in the legs and gives information to keep the thigh in the correct position where it is easy to move the hip joint.

Size: W350mm × H30~50mm × D300mm

Weight: 375g


IngredientsCushion material: Polyethylene 100%, Cover fabric: Polyester 100%