Peptide Prima The power of essential amino acids

Peptide Prima 240g

The power of essential amino acids

Cheer up with a spoonful
天然のサバのみを原料にした「Peptide Prima」は、タンパク質の量を多く含有。また、必須アミノ酸9種類すべてが含まれています。


About Peptide Prima

Fresh and roundly fat mackerel is disassembled with Enzyme using everything from scales to eyeballs. After that, it takes 30 hours to make concentrated extract.

This is a very high absorption rate extract called peptide, which is absorbed smoothly in the body and helps to regain energy.

It is an ideal health Supplement that is indispensable for healthy body and skin development.

How to use

As a guide, 1 teaspoon (2cc) is served twice to four times a day to maintain health and nourishment, or serve with water, hot water, tea or miso soup. (About 1-2 bottles per month)


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