PCL Comfort 2 Recliner to support the body

PCL Comfort 2 main body dark brown

Recliner to support the body

Relax feeling released from weight!
Reliable peace of mind is created by harmonizing the cushion shape and the frame structure.
"Reclining structure that does not shift the buttocks" and angle variable head support that six supports fit everywhere. I was particular about the part which was not visible thoroughly.
Watching TV, reading, writing and eating. You can use it as if it were custom-made in various life scenes from Relax scenes to active scenes.


About PCL Comfort 2

A recliner inspired by an occupational therapist who is particular about making people's lives comfortable.

- The line of plenty of waist width and a clean side width facilitates the movement of moving the body greatly and looking back, taking things on the floor.

- Help the shape of the support of the buttocks and the support of the foot stand up lightly without sitting back. We are particular about the length and width of the arm support that is easy to grasp.

- The thinned shape around the shoulder does not interfere with the movement of the arm during activity, so it is possible to live a relaxed life without rounding the shoulder.

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Product TypeRecliner
IngredientsMaterial: [Surface processing] lacquer coating [Structural part] metal (steel), natural wood, [Upholstery] polyester [cushion material] urethane foam