Oyster F Gold Nutritious Nature Supplement

Oyster F Gold 2tablet 30bags 2P

Oyster F Gold

Nutritious Nature Supplement

Use of raw kid from Hiroshima
"Oyster F Gold", a nutritious natural Supplement rich in vitamin, Mineral Food, taurine and micronutrients, uses only raw oysters from Hiroshima.


About Oyster F Gold

Process the 10-year raw kid within 2 days. (Frozen food is not used at all.)

Only soup is extracted with hot water below 60 °C from raw kid, and raw kid (at May) containing a lot of cycic AMP that increases the work of cells is used.

How to use

Please enjoy 2 tablets a day with water or lukewarm water. Please take one box as a guide of about 1 month.

Please pay attention

  • Store in drying cool and dark places. Do not store in places with high temperatures.


Product Typefoodstuff
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsOyster extract, yeast extract, stodigned extract, guava leaf extract, cellulose, emulsifier, V. B1、V. B2、V. B6<糖衣剤> sucrose, lactose, gum arabic, gelatin, celak, carbonic acid Ca, cocoa pigment, caramel, carnaubarou