Oryzae 210 Enzyme Powder

Oryzae210 60pcs - Enzyme Powder

Oryzae 210

Enzyme Powder

Make up for Enzyme
Vegetable fermentation Supplement
Stable cultivation of koji bacteria, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, and useful bacteria.
Contains Kidachialoe Dokudami.
It does not use any additives and is made only with natural materials.


About Oryzae 210

The Oryzae Series is powered up. The amount of Enzyme is 2.1 times that of the Oryzae Series. Half the calories.

Enzyme is indispensable for living. It works to make life activities proceed smoothly. Let's supplement Enzyme well and live a healthy daily life.

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Oryzae210 60pcs 2set - Enzyme Powder

Oryzae210 60pcs 2set - Enzyme Powder

Two box set where points are advantageous


Oryzae210 60pcs 5set - Enzyme Powder

Oryzae210 60pcs 5set - Enzyme Powder

It is a set of 5 boxes where points are advantageous.


How to use

Serve 1-3 bags a day with water or white water.


Product Typefoodstuff
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsBarley, malt, yeast, lactic acid bacteria, rice bran, malt, gichi aloe, dokudami

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