Oishii Dashi Additive-free natural dashi

Oishii Dashi 10g 10pcs

Oishii Dashi

Additive-free natural dashi

100% natural ingredients for sardines, kombu, katsuo and odorless garlic
Elegant taste of 100% natural material. Using only the power of nature, all-purpose Seasoningother is finished with a special manufacturing method. You can feel the deep taste in the back of the tongue.

10 g × 10 packages


About Oishii Dashi

Oishii Dai is made from sardines, kombu, katsuo, and odorless garlic.

Extracts from these natural materials are extracted and adsorbed on starch to form a super-fine powder.

Sardines and katsuo are used up to the bone and extracted. From there, the fat that is easy to oxidize is peeped, and the protein is made into a peptideized powder with good digestion and absorption.

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Oishii Dashi 300g

Oishii Dashi 300g



Oishii Dashi 500g

Oishii Dashi 500g

500g for virtue


Oishii Dashi 10g 10pcs 5P

Oishii Dashi 10g 10pcs 5P

10g × 10 packages 5 sets


Oishii Dashi 10g 10pcs 10P

Oishii Dashi 10g 10pcs 10P

10 g × 10 packages


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Product Typefoodstuff
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsStarch decomposing products, sardines, kombu, bonito, odorless garlic