Blackeyepad Kyoku Electromagnetic Wave

Black Eye Pad Kyoku

Electromagnetic Wave

Just lay it down and put it on top
Equipped with 49 "Black Eyes", it is an easy-to-use Electromagnetic Wave seat.


About Blackeyepad Kyoku


Please pay attention

  • * Since it softens with temperature, it may soften and whiten if left in a car or on hot electrical appliances. (65°C as a guide) There is no change in performance.
  • * During the manufacturing process, adhesive paint marks may adhere. Thank you for your understanding.
  • * Please avoid forcibly bending it.
  • * If the black eye comes off, attach it again with silicone adhesive. The detached black eye can be used alone, but should not be used if the product is rusted or damaged.
  • * Wipe dirt with a tightly wrung out cloth moistened with water.


Ingredients【Black Eye】Copper wire, styrene thermoelastomer, ceramic charcoal 【Pad body】Polyvinyl chloride

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