Tennen Katori Ko Mone Organic Anti-Mosquito Incense

Tennen Katori Ko Mone 20pcs 10boxes - Organic Anti-Mosquito Incense

Organic Anti-Mosquito Incense

It is Katori senko that does not use preservatives, colorants, chemical synthetic products made only with plant ingredients.


About Tennen Katori Ko Mone

※No coloring, preservatives, pesticides

※With tin wire incense sticks

* The heat baking time can be used for about 4 hours and 30 minutes per volume in a windless state.

Mone Mone is the name of the girl on the package.

It is a product only for plant raw materials that do not add uneasy pesticides such as synthetic pyrethroid-based insecticidal components.

Since it is not used for synthetic coloring or dyeing, it remains the raw material color of the plant powder instead of green.

The color varies depending on the harvest time of the plant and the Drying powder state, but there is no product effect due to no coloring.

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Tennen Katori Ko Mone 20pcs 10boxes - Organic Anti-Mosquito Incense

Tennen Katori Ko Mone 20pcs 10boxes - Organic Anti-Mosquito Incense


How to use

Raise the punching part of the incense stick stand and insert it horizontally into the hole in the center of the incense stick.

Please pay attention

  • Validity period: About 3 years (shrink packaging material state)

  • ※ Avoid direct sunlight and store in a cool place with little moisture out of reach of children.
  • ※ When smoking, put it on a ceramic or metal container and use it,
  • Do not use anything that is at risk of burning.
  • ※ Incense sticks must be used separately from the two volumes of the combination, one volume at a time.
  • Also, never turn on the fire except in one place. (Doing so may cause abnormal combustion.) )
  • ※ Please be careful not to cut your hand with incense stick stand.
  • ※ Do not put the incense stick in use on Soba although it is easy to burn.
  • Be careful not to wear futons or clothing, and to prevent incense sticks from falling.
  • ※ Do not use for a long time in a closed room, please leave it in a well-ventilated place.
  • ※ Please throw away the ash after use every time.
  • ※ Please do not use under infant pillows.
  • ※ Please be careful about use if you have allergies.
  • * Mold may occur if the storage condition is bad.


IngredientsPyrethrum chrysanthemum powder, plant mixture

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