ChanvreHemp Natural Balm All-purpose hemp balm

Chanvre Hemp Natural Balm 28g

ChanvreHemp Natural Balm

All-purpose hemp balm

Protects skin from external stimuli
100% organic cosmetics using Hemp Oil.
It is made in Japan by studying the skin quality of Japanese people by making use of the characteristics of the traditional plant "Hemp" that has been transmitted since ancient times in Japan. Shambles' Hemp Oil uses 100% natural plant oil carefully squeezed with traditional cold pressing to keep nutrients rich in nutrients from breaking them.


About ChanvreHemp Natural Balm

A multi-use all-purpose balm that can be used on the face, body, lip, nails, hair and the whole body.

Because it does not choose the skin quality, anyone can use it conveniently.

Hemp seed oil rich in essential fatty acids, shea butter beeswac that increases the moisturizing power and barrier function of the skin, and olive oil and jojoba oil provide moisture and softness to the skin.

It is familiar to the skin and keeps the skin moist and smooth.

Just add it at the end of care to protect your skin from external stimuli such as Drying. The refreshing aroma of rosemary and lavender has an excellent refreshing effect. It is also convenient to carry.

・ Main ingredients are naturally derived raw materials.

Parabens are not used.

・ We do not conduct any animal experiments in development and manufacturing.

・ Prices are kept down by not excessive packaging or advertising.

・ Raw material plants are only valuable things collected from all over the world. Please enjoy the power of nature to the fullest.

・ We make each product at a manufacturing plant in Japan without mass production.

How to use

Take an appropriate amount, melt it sufficiently with the palm of your hand, make it oily, and then use.

※ It is also necessary to use it up within 3 months after opening because it contains plant ingredients.


Product Typecosmetics
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsShea fat, beeswaw, asa seed oil, olive fruit oil, jojoba seed oil, rose marie oil, lavender oil, tocoperol