Nandemo Sennin Message Card Courage and energy will spring up

Message card

Nandemo Sennin Message Card

Courage and energy will spring up

"At such a time, if you can listen to 'Nandemosennin' ...", it is a "Nandemosennin message card" that is sure to be very active in such a scene.


About Nandemo Sennin Message Card

Try to pull one of the 31 cards and listen to the voice of your heart when you look at the card, such as when your heart is heavy about yourself or in a relationship, or when you stop by chance.

"Nandemosennin" sends me ale. It will naturally bring courage and energy.

Contents: 31 message cards

1 Premium Card

Card material: Paper (PP processing)

Card size: 12cm in diameter

Accessories: card stand (paper), brochure

Words and Illustrations: Miyawa Hiko

How to use

Let's get the message of "Nandemosennin"

Close your eyes and draw one of the 31 cards to get the message you need.

Then listen to the voice of your heart that you feel when you read the message.

Let's talk with "Nandemosennin"

Select one card you care about and look at the illustration on the back.

"Nandemosennin" is speaking to you.

Imagine what you're saying.

The words that came out are messages from the existence of love and light in you.

Let's decorate as a daily calendar

Since the number from 1 to 31 is contained on the card surface, it can also be used as a "day-turning calendar" on the tabletop.

You will be energized every day with a word full of the energy of charity.

How to use a premium card

Feel free to write your favorite nandemosennin messages and messages that resonate when you interact.

* If you use the whiteboard marker, you can rewrite it as many times as you like.


IngredientsMade of paper

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