Umami Honrai Nama Orosi Shouga Raw Ginger Paste

Taste original raw grated is 40g60p - Raw Ginger Paste

Umami Honrai Nama Orosi Shouga

Raw Ginger Paste

Preservatives, fragrances, and chemical seasoningother are the original flavors of ginger that are finished with no effort.

1 case (60 pieces)


About Umami Honrai Nama Orosi Shouga

We use carefully selected ginger with excellent pungency and color tone.

The pungency and flavor of ginger complement the ingredients.

It is a room temperature type product developed so that the flavor of freshly grated natural can last for a long time even at room temperature storage.

Per 100g

Energy 92kcal

Protein 0.9g

Fat 0.3g

Carbohydrate 21.3g

2.2g sodium

Salt equivalent 5.6g

How to use

Please use it for various dishes such as ika somen, seared seagrin, cold tofu, etc.

Please pay attention

  • Shelf life: 8 months before opening
  • After opening, be sure to close the cap, store it in the refrigerator, and use as soon as possible.
  • The voids in the tube are by filling method and do not affect the contents and quality.
  • When closing the cap, try to remove air from the tube as much as possible to extend the flavor.


Product Typefoodstuff
IngredientsGinger, reduced starch syrup, starch, apple cider vinegar, salt, lemon juice, plant fiber