Nakawata Fit Haramaki a mid-infrared emitter


a mid-infrared emitter

It is a thick Stomachiband, but it is a cute and fashionable Stomachiband that fits well.
I use the inside that emits far infrared rays to the part of the stomach and the waist where coldness is a problem.


About Nakawata Fit Haramaki

The fibers kneaded with natural ore, which are also used in bedrock baths born from submarine volcanoes, release far infrared rays and store heat temperature, providing gentle warmth.

"Nakawata Fit Haramaki" packed with its fiber will allow you to experience even more warmth.

How to use

* Returns after use are not allowed. Please understand in advance.


IngredientsMaterial: Acrylic 65%, Unspeciated fiber (TENCEL) 27%, Polyurethane 8%, Backing cloth: 100% cotton, 100% medium / polyester (contains natural ore)