MUGENWhiteGel Perfect for thermal Facecare using "Miduisiki Onnnethu Tiruyou"

M white gel 210 g


Perfect for thermal Facecare using "Miduisiki Onnnethu Tiruyou"

Gel-like All In One cream
All In One cream is a gel-like cream mainly composed of "electronic water" that has been enhanced with our original technology.


About MUGENWhiteGel

A gel-like All In One cream mainly made from "electronic water" that has been functionally increased with its proprietary technology. In addition to Squalane Placenta Collagen, 12 kinds of plant extracts are blended in a well-balanced way.

How to use

1. To the thermal Facecare using "Mituisiki Onnnetu Tiryou instrument".

2. For moisturizing. It can also be used as a moisturizing cream after Facewashing.

Please pay attention

  • ・Should cosmetics do not fit your skin, discontinue use.
  • ・Should this get in your eyes, rinse immediately.


Product Typecosmetics
IngredientsWater, BG, triethylhexanoin, squalane, sodium hyaluronate, someiyoshino leaf extract, murasaki root extract, hydrolyzed collagen, placenta extract, toukineka flower extract, arnica flower extract, saw saw extract, chamomile flower extract, green grass flower/ leaf/ stem extract, zenia oyoi Flower extract, fuyobodaige flower extract, sage leaf extract, sutina extract, 1,2-hexandiol, betaine, carbomer, K hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, acreitz/alkyl acryl acryl (C10-30) crosspolymer, glycyric acid 2K, ethanol, ethidronate 4Na