Beautiful Green Star DVD French Film DVD

Beautiful Green Star DVD

Beautiful Green Star DVD

French Film DVD

A movie DVD "Beautiful Green Star" that remembers the purpose of what you came to earth
The planet earth from space, directed by French film magnate Corrine Thereau, the original author of the hit comedy film "Three Men & Baby" at Stretch Wood.
A planet much smaller than Earth, the beautiful green stars are blessed with rich nature and form a recycling society in which people are self-sufficient and help each other.
For the inhabitants of the beautiful green stars of utopia, which have no big city or position system, the planet Earth, which repeats the monetary system and war, is not only at an extremely primitive level of civilization, but also a star like hell.
Beautiful green stars have the task of "dispatching out of star", and residents of beautiful green stars are dispatched to planets that are lagging behind civilization to investigate the current state of the stars and to correct the direction of civilization.


About Beautiful Green Star DVD

【Producer】Alan Saldo

Director, Screenplay, Music: Corrine Thereau

Photo: Robert Arazlaki [Editing] Catherine Renault

[Cast] Mira / Corrine Cerot, Max / Vincent Landon, Mezage / James Thiele, Baker's Woman / Yolande Morrow, Marsha / Marion Cotillard, Sonia / Claire Cam, Ozam / Paul Crochet, Star General Assembly Facilitator / Catherine Sammy, Special Appearance / Francis Perran

[1996 French movie / color / main part 93 minutes / one side one layer / MPEG-2 / rental prohibition / non-reproduction / Japanese subtitles]

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