Meisou Tea Easy-to-drink and delicious wild grass tea

Hiro Type Meisocha 96pack

Meisou Tea

Easy-to-drink and delicious wild grass tea

Contains more than 20 kinds of wild grasses
It is an easy-to-drink Tea that blends seasonal wild grasses in the mountains that have escaped contamination without using any preservatives.
In addition, it can be used without waste because it can be used as fertilizer such as Bath Salt and plants.


About Meisou Tea

Wild grass tea blended with life grass tea has the function of "boosting excretion power" in other words, it promotes metabolism.

Please use tea pickles with various ingenuity in your dishes.

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Hiro Type Meisocha 96pack 3set

Hiro Type Meisocha 96pack 3set

3 bag set with great points


How to use

・Put a tea pack in a pot and pour boiling water.

(About 1 liter of hot water and 2 bags of tea packs are recommended))

・ It is delicious even if you put a tea pack in an earthen bottle and boil it and drink it.

・In summer, it is refreshing taste when you drink it chilled with water.

・ When you put it in a curry or stewed dish, it will be finished in a mellow and gentle taste.

・If you like other, it is ideal as cold tea and whiskey and shochu as water "Life grass tea".

・Please mix it with the soil of the plant of the home and use it as fertilizer.

Please pay attention

  • It is a product with a lot of wrinkles on the product exterior. Please understand in advance.


Product Typefoodstuff
Country of manufacturemade in Japan
IngredientsShrimp grass, pigeon barley, kumasasa, kukoba, yezokogi, dokudami, banzakro, brown rice, sutina, safflower, sarnosikake, sweet tea, mugegy, plantain, shiso, dandelion, amachazuru, kakidoosi, kukomi, tsuyu grass, reishi