Maruyama Kouso Enzyme Supplements

Maruyama enzyme 3 g 30 sachet

Enzyme Supplements

It contains plenty of Enzyme that helps digestion, so it is an excellent thing that supports daily refreshing life. Meguri of the body also becomes smoother, so it also helps with dieting.


About Maruyama Kouso

Maruyama Kouso has oxygen = amino acids, where nutrients such as proteins are broken down.

In addition to the easy-to-absorb Hunting Aging Enzyme, the amount of organic acids increases,

It contains both vitamin, live enzymes, and short-term fermented enzymes with live lactic acid bacteria remaining.

- Maruyama Kouso uses two types of aged Enzyme

1. Short-term fermentation enzyme based on "shells such as millet and millet".

The short-term fermented Enzyme contains "Live Enzyme", and general rice and noodles

The degradable carbohydrate degradation Enzyme amylase is not only difficult for the body to digest and burdensome

Proteolytic Enzyme proteases are also included.

2. Long-term aging enzyme based on "75 kinds of vegetables, fruits, etc."

Long-term aging Enzymes are amino acids and

Components of organic acids (lactic acid, succinic acid, etc.) are produced.

- Recommended for such a person

・ Those who want to wake up refreshed in the morning

・Those who aim to improve sports resilience & athletic ability

・Those who love alcohol

・ Those who are concerned about Stress

- Happy features of Maruyama Kouso

・It contains both long-term aged Enzymes and short-term fermented Enzymes.

・Not used for Chinese products

・Use raw vegetables and raw fruits.

・Stevia [natural sweetener] is used.

・ It contains many enzymes and ingredients, and it is a product that thinks about the body rather than the cost.

How to use


Please pay attention

  • Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture
  • Preservation method: Keep in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight, hot and humid places.


Product Typefoodstuff
Country of manufacture日本
Ingredientsマルトデキストリン、オリゴ糖、植物発酵エキス(黒砂糖、キャベツ、イチゴ、リンゴ、ダイコン、トマト、ユズ、プルーン、ヨモギ、カキ、大豆(遺伝子組み換えでない)、キウイフルーツ、オリゴ糖、キュウリ、ブドウ、ミカン、モモ、ナス、ホウレンソウ、シソ、小松菜、ピーマン、ニンジン、カボチャ、レイシ、日本山人参、セロリ、ゴーヤ、大麦若葉、ケール、玄米、コンブ、スイートコーン、モロヘイヤ、キンカン、米ぬか、シイタケ、レモン、キクラゲ、ココア、根コンブ、ヒバマタ、ワカメ、ブルーベリー、アカメガシワ、アケビ、オオバコ、クマザサ、ヤマモモ、スギナ、ビワの葉、ヒジキ、マイタケ、ナシ、チンゲンサイ、ウメ、ウコン、レンコン、イヨカン、ビタミン菜、イチジク、ゴボウ、ヤマブドウ、ブロッコリー、ショウガ、アスパラガス、カリン、パセリ、セリ、キイチゴ、ミツバ、ミョウガ、グミ、ブラックベリー、冬イチゴ)、果汁パウダー(レモン濃縮果汁、デキストリン、澱粉)、穀物麹(大麦、あわ、ひえ、きび、たかきび、紫黒米、米粉)、乳酸菌、クエン酸、香料、甘味料(ステビア)、ビ タミンC、抽出ビタミンE、ナイアシン、キトサン、パントテン酸カルシウム、ビタミンB1、ビタミンB6、ビタミンB2、ビタミンA、葉酸、ビタミンD、ビタミン B12、シクロデキストリン(※原材料の一部にリンゴ、キウイフルーツ、大豆、モモ、カニを含む)

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