Maruyama Kouso Enzyme Supplements

Maruyama enzyme 3 g 30 sachet

Enzyme Supplements

2.5 times higher concentration supplement than general Enzyme supplement
It contains plenty of Enzyme, which aids digestion, so it is an excellent way to boost your daily refreshed life. The Meguri of the body also becomes smoother, so it is also useful for dieting.


About Maruyama Kouso

Maruyama Kousoには、タンパク質などの栄養素が分解されている酸素=アミノ酸になっているため



●Maruyama Kousoは2種類の熟成Enzymeを使用













●Maruyama Kousoの嬉しい特徴






How to use

Consume 1 packet a day as it is, or divide it with water or lukewarm water and enjoy it.

Please pay attention

  • 賞味期限:製造日から2年間
  • 保尊方法:直射日光、高温、多湿な場所を避けて涼しいところで保管してください。


Product Typefoodstuff
Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsMaltodextrin, oligosaccharides, fermented plant extracts (brown sugar, cabbage, strawberries, apples, radish, tomatoes, yuzu, prunes, mugwort, oysters, soybeans (not genetically modified), kiwi fruit, oligosaccharides, cucumbers, grapes, tangerines, peaches, eggplants, spinach, perilla, komatsuna, peppers, carrots, pumpkin, reishi, Japan mountain ginseng, celery, bitter gourd, barley grass, kale , brown rice, kelp, sweet corn, moloheiya, kumquat, rice bran, shiitake mushroom, lemon, jellyfish, cocoa, root kelp, hibamata, wakame, blueberry, red mega wrinkle, akebbi, plantain, bearfish, yam peache, horsetail, loquat leaf, hijiki, maitake, pear, bok choy, ume, turmeric, lotus root, yokan, vitamin green, fig, burdock, mountain grape, Broccoli, ginger, asparagus, karin, parsley, seri, kiystrawberry, mitzvah, alum, gummies, blackberries, winter strawberries), fruit juice powder (lemon juice concentrate, dextrin, starch), grain koji (barley, wheat, hie, cane, scarlet, purple-black rice, rice flour), lactic acid bacteria, citric acid, flavoring, sweetener (stevia), vitamine C, extract vitamin E, niacin, chitosan, Calcium pantothenate, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B2, vitamin A, folic acid, vitamin D, vitamin B12, cyclodextrin (* Some of the raw materials include apples, kiwi fruit, soybeans, peaches, and crab)

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