Wildricelegend plus


Wildricelegend plus

It is a product that was able to be resuscitated by adding a useful group of microorganisms to The Zizania latifolia.


About Wildricelegend plus

Based on the carefully selected Shin-Ko (Riverve Co., Ltd. standards), we have created a completely new method with special preparation.

In addition, the microbial Bacillus subcirs ON-1, discovered by Riverve, fermented the Zizania latifolia to maximize the characteristics of The Zizania latifolia.

Because this Bacillus subtils ON-1 also has the characteristic symbiosis with various bacteria, it is also called a bacterium of harmony, harmonized, and supports excretion.

How to use

To maintain your daily health, take five cups a day with the attached spoon, accompanied by hot water, water, and your favorite drink.

Please pay attention

  • Please eat as soon as possible after opening.
  • Store at room temperature.


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