Magnesiumtoothbrushing Contains 15% magnesium chloride

Magnesium toothbrushingpaste 120g


Contains 15% magnesium chloride

Supplement magnesium from the oral mucosa
It is a concentration that is unparalleled as a toothpaste.
Supplement the oral mucosa with daily brushing of your teeth.


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Product Type歯磨材
Country of manufactureJapan
Ingredientsグリセリン(潤滑剤)、水、塩化Mg(清掃剤)、キサンタンガム(粘結剤)、 ハッカ油(清涼剤)、ティートリー葉油(着香剤)、 PEG-60水添ヒマシ油(可溶化剤)、フェノキシエタノール(防腐剤)

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