Led Light Stage Sparkle even more beautifully with lights

LED Light Stage for 3D Kabbala

Led Light Stage

Sparkle even more beautifully with lights

Strengthening the function of the "cube"
Gradients that change to 4 colors illuminate the "3D Kabbalah Cube" beautifully


About Led Light Stage

The gradient that changes to 4 colors illuminates the "3D Kabara Cube" beautifully.

The light that passes through the 3D Kabara Cube while changing colors enhances its own inner workings.

Light passing through the tetrahedron gives vibrations to crystals and shapes, further enhancing their action.

- Set contents: 1 main unit

- Size: about 6.5×6.5×2.7cm

- Weight: About 37g

- Color: Silver

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How to use

Just put the "cube" on the main body and make it shine beautifully.

Please pay attention

  • * Three AAA batteries × are required separately for use.
  • ※ We also have an optional AC adapter for those who use it for a long time.


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