Lava Insole Just laying it down, you're in the mood for a footbath

Lava Insole Slippers

Just laying it down, you're in the mood for a footbath

It has excellent heat storage, antibacterial and deodorizing properties, and you can taste the feeling of a poka pokoka footbath without using hot water or electricity just by laying it.
Please cut it freely with scissors according to the size and use it.

Size: About 24×8×0.5cm Adaptive size: 21.0 to 27.0 cm


About Lava Insole

岩盤浴にも使用される天然鉱石Aura StoneをEVAに練り込ませた新素材のインソールです。


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Please pay attention

  • The main body can not be washed.
  • If it gets dirty, wipe it with a cloth lightly dampened with water and dry it in the shade before using it.
  • Never bring the body close to fire.
  • Size and weight are subject to change.


Country of manufactureJapan
IngredientsEVA (contains natural ore aura stone)

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