Lava Insole Just lay it and feel like a footbath

Lava Insole Slippers

Just lay it and feel like a footbath

It has excellent heat storage, antibacterial, and deodorizing properties, and you can taste the feeling of a soft Poka poka footbath without using hot water or electricity just by laying it.
Please cut it with scissors freely according to the size and use it.

サイズ:約24×8×0.5cm 適応サイズ:21.0~27.0cm


About Lava Insole

It is a new material insole made by kneading natural ore Aura Stone, which is also used for bedrock bathing, into EVA.

* Returns after wearing sanitary products are prohibited. Please understand in advance.

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Please pay attention

  • 本体は洗えません。
  • 汚れた場合は、水で軽く湿らせた布などで拭き取り陰干しして十分にDryingさせてから使用してください。
  • 本体は絶対に火に近づけないでください。
  • サイズ、重量は変更する場合があります。


Country of manufactureJapan

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