kurogalinda Delivering black garingal power


Delivering black garingal power

To stay young and well forever


About kurogalinda

The main raw material is "Black Gallingal", a plant of the ginger family that grows naturally in the mountainous region of Southeast Asia. All the people living in this region live well and live longer. Therefore, the manufacturer passed a whopping 300 times, and it seems that local people have admitted that this plant will spread to the world in the form of health Supplement.

Amazing content Anthocyanins, anti-aging polyphenols, curcumin, isomorphic prevention (selenium), arginine, 18 kinds of amino acids.

These goods have the other line-ups

kurogalinda 2P

kurogalinda 2P




The popular krogalinda is now available at a more affordable price and number of grains.


How to use

Serve 2-4 tablets a day with water or lukewarm water.

Please pay attention

  • Storage instructions: Store, avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures and humidity.


Product Typefoodstuff
IngredientsBlack Gallingal Powder, Gelatin