KS Melt Biogenic Seasoningother

KS Melt 500ml

KS Melt

Biogenic Seasoningother

Easily produce lactic acid bacteria production substances!
Just add a little as a hide taste of the dish, and the umami of the ingredients will be up! Moreover, seasoningother has never been before, adjusting the balance of bacteria in the tummy and mouth, and mitigating the effects of additives.


About KS Melt

* Secretions such as wine ori may appear depending on the storage situation. There is no problem with the quality. Shake well before using.

*27 allergens are not used.

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KS Melt 1L

KS Melt 1L


KS Melt 2L

KS Melt 2L


KS Melt 50ml

KS Melt 50ml

Contents: 50 ml (in spray container)


How to use

Just add a little to your usual ♪

※ Please use as undying liquid without diluting. It is also recommended to use spray containers!

Please pay attention

  • Store in a cool and dark place to avoid direct sunlight. Store the refrigerator after opening.
  • Expiration date: About 2 years from the date of manufacture


IngredientsLactic acid source, brown sugar, salt