KS369Shin Popular Seasoningother "KS Melt" upgraded

KS369Shin 300ml


Popular Seasoningother "KS Melt" upgraded

Make your food delicious and prepare your stomach environment
Biogenics Seasoningother "KS Melt" makes dishes delicious just by adding a little to your daily meal, and you can enjoy the tussle environment. The upgraded version "KS369 Shin Keos Milokshin", which was born by aging this for a long time with its own harmonic wave culture, is a Seasoningother that can be said to be a new genre that can be said to be a new genre that can withstand the frequency of mind and body!


About KS369Shin

Studies have found that our health depends on the microbiome of 100 trillion microorganisms living in the body. In particular, the stomach environment, which is said to be the second brain from the mouth, is most inhabited by microorganisms because it is in contact with the outside world. Biogenics (lactic acid bacteria producing substance) can be prepared with the advantage of good bacteria.

[5-year aging "KS369Shin" 3 features]

(1) Nourishment, deliciousness, power is up!

Because it demonstrates power in a little amount, cospa is ◎! It is OK even if diluted to 40 to 100 times.

(2) Work on a fine level with the frequency adjustment power cultivated in special harmonic wave culture!

(3) Improve the defense by adjusting the bacterial balance of the "stomach" that serves as the key to mental and physical health.

【Nutritional Information (per 100g)]

Energy 2.5 kcal, carbohydrate 0.55g, protein 0g, salt equivalent 2.95g, lipid 0g

These goods have the other line-ups

KS369Shin 50ml Spray

KS369Shin 50ml Spray

50 ml of "KS369Shin", spray container.


How to use

It can be used as oral care by spraying directly on the mouth.

Spray your fermented seasoningother and drinks, dishes and ingredients to ♪ harmonious food

【How to save】

Store in a cool and dark place away from direct sunlight. After opening, store the refrigerator.

Please pay attention

  • * Secretions such as wine ori may come out depending on the storage situation. There is no problem with the quality. Shake well before use.
  • *27 allergens are not used.


IngredientsLactic acid source (domestic), brown sugar, salt