Korina Seal Heals the source of the wound

Korina Seal 20pcs

Korina Seal

Heals the source of the wound

Just put it on the tutu you care about every day.
Just stick it every day to the place you care about and it will guide your body energeticy.
If you are an early person, you can recall it to your body in tens of minutes to hours and lead it from negative to zero. In particular, children and animals are said to feel fast.


About Korina Seal

Control the body with a completely new idea, our strong ally to worry! ! Dzki, shikushik, and lumps... the various problems in our bodies are born from a state where the body cannot remember "the original energetic figure" and "the original work".

"Korona Seal" gently tells such a body, "It's really like this.".

"Oh, yes!" The body that remembered the original figure will do its best to return to the figure. Just by pasting it, it will guide the body energeticy.

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korina Seal 20pcs 3set

korina Seal 20pcs 3set

3 box set with great points


Korina Seal 20pcs 4set

Korina Seal 20pcs 4set

It is a set of 4 boxes with great points.


How to use

Hold down lightly on each part of the body and put a seal on the place where you felt "it hurts, it feels good".


IngredientsSilicone resins, precious metals, amino acids, calcium, bioactive salts / wearing seals: nonwoven fabrics