Blackeyegaiyakneesupporter Adjusting the bioelectric current of the knee

Blackgaiasu knee supporter

Adjusting the bioelectric current of the knee

Relieves throbbing and shocks
It is designed to be wrapped with Velcro. Since you can adjust the tightening by yourself, you can use it according to your life scene, such as strengthening the tightness of the knees when performing strenuous movement or playing sports.
* It is also possible to increase the number of multilayer Maruyama coils with chips sold separately.


About Blackeyegaiyakneesupporter

サポーター内部に内蔵(2 箇所)してる『多層丸山式コイル』で生体電流の流れをスムーズにします。 そして、膝関節を支えて関節に伝わる衝撃を和らげる効果、そして膝を温める効果で膝をサポートします。

L:全長 約67×最大幅 約23cm 重さ55g

M:全長 約60×最大幅 約20cm 重さ50g

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