Blackeyegaiyakneesupporter Regulate the biological current in the knee

Blackgaiasu knee supporter

Regulate the biological current in the knee

Soften throbbing and shock
It is a specification to wrap with velcro. Since you can adjust the tightening degree by yourself, you can use it according to your life scene, such as strengthening the tightening of the knee and strengthening the support force when doing strenuous movements or sports.
* It is also possible to increase the multi-layer Maruyama type coil with an optional chip.


About Blackeyegaiyakneesupporter

The "multi-layer Maruyama type coil" built in inside the supporter smooths the flow of biological current. And it supports the knee by supporting the knee joint, softening the impact transmitted to the joint, and warming the knee.

L: Overall length approx. 67× maximum width approx. 23cm Weight 55g

M: Overall length approx. 60× maximum width approx. 20cm Weight 50g

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IngredientsNylon, polyester, polyurethane, iron, metal fiber, multilayer Maruyama coil, special nanoceramic

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