Kimeguri Leggings No feeling of discipline! But it's very functional.

Kimeguri Leggings Gray

Kimeguri Leggings

No feeling of discipline! But it's very functional.

Body Line changes just by the spring
Tummy, tsling, calf hanging in defeat of gravity.
Kimeguri Leggings supports and cleans these meats.
Play the three roles of Stomachiband + Leggings + Leg Warmer in one piece.
Yes, I was surprised, but "easy", "light", "beautiful".


About Kimeguri Leggings

Kimeguri Leggings is a clothing that encourages meguri and supports beauty and health.

By not only making the body look beautiful by the "secret wisdom" transmitted from the old house from time to time, but also lifting the sagging muscles, it smooths the meguri of the nature of the part that was under pressure. As a result, some people are just doing it and it will be sized down.

Leggings that are repeated trial and error in small parts such as each seam so that they follow the flow of muscles without forcibly raising or tightening.

Once you wear it, you will realize "how heavy it was" because there was no support.

※Please choose the color taste.

- S size waist: 58 to 67 cm Hip: 82 to 90 cm

- M size waist: 64 to 73 cm Hip: 87 to 95 cm

- L size waist: 69 to 80 cm Hip: 92 to 100 cm

- LL size waist: 77 to 88 cm Hip: 97 to 105 cm

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These goods have the other line-ups

Kimeguri Leggings Black

Kimeguri Leggings Black


Kimeguri Leggings Light Gray

Kimeguri Leggings Light Gray


How to use

(1) As when wearing pantyhose, first put one foot in the whole, follow the legs and slowly raise to the part. The opposite leg as well.

(2) Pull the Stomachiband part up to the bottom of the chest by keeping the buttocks down and the side in the middle.

(3) If there is sagging in the leg part, lower it down and let it go from the inner ankle to the ankle from the point of "Saninko" on 4 fingers.

Please pay attention

  • This product is not for medical use (therapeutic use).
  • Use a net when washing, and after washing, shape quickly and dry the shadows. Do not use detergents or Drying machines containing fluorescent whitening agents.


Ingredients95% cotton, 5% polyurethane