Sentakusoukirari Decomposed by the power of biotechnology



Decomposed by the power of biotechnology

Clean black mold 99.9% disinfection
It is an environmentally friendly washing tank cleaning agent that does not use petroleum-derived surfactants.
Liquid: Weakly alkaline


About Sentakusoukirari

Dirt such as black mold lurking on the back side of the washing tank is beautifully stripped off with bleached foam, and it is disassembled by the power of biotechnology! The amount of dirt that rises with the foam is so powerful that the staff who tried it is astonishing. Its power is indeed 99.9% disinfection.

How to use

[In the case of a fully automatic washing machine]

(1) Water supply to high water level and input all Sentakusoukirari400g

(2) Bubbles begin to form gradually.

(3) Close the lid and leave for 3 hours

* As it will be a breakdown of the washing machine, please avoid leaving it for more than 12 hours.

(4) After driving for 5 minutes, turn off the washing machine.

(5) Drain sewage and operate 1 to 2 cycles on the standard course at the highest water level.

※ It is a work to rinse the washing tank after washing enough.

* If you put a cloth such as a towel that is no longer needed, you can easily remove garbage.

[In the case of a drum type washing machine]

(1) Put one bag of Sentakusoukirari into the drum.

(2) Immediately drive the washing machine in the "Tank washing" and "tank cleaner" courses.

Please pay attention

  • ※ Because there is a property that absorbs moisture when opened and hardens, be sure to use up all one bag.
  • ※ Because there is a strong bleaching action, please do not put clothing during tank washing.
  • ※ Do not use in combination with other detergents or chlorine bleach.
  • * Due to the nature of the ingredients, oxygen is generated, so please do not store in a sealed container.
  • ※ The water temperature can be washed even if it is cold, but it is ideal at about 30 to 40 °C. Also, do not use hot water above 50°C.


IngredientsSodium percarbonate (oxygen system), fatty acid sodium, enzyme, citric acid, recontamination inhibitor, calcined calcium, orange oil