Kintoki Shouga Ame Kintoki Ginger Candy

Kintoki Shouga Ame 100g - Kintoki Ginger Candy

Kintoki Shouga Ame

Kintoki Ginger Candy

Spicy and delicious candy
Kara but Poka Poka warmth
I made it with beet sugar, starch syrup and Kintokishoga Series extract.


About Kintoki Shouga Ame

It is a candy made only with beet sugar, starch syrup, and Kintokishoga Series extract.

No coloring, fragrance, or additives are used.

How to use

It is recommended to have it while slowly melting in your mouth.

Put 1-2 sweet drinks in hot water (1 glass) and leave it for a few minutes to enjoy "Ginger Hot Water".

Please pay attention

  • Avoid direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity, and store in a cool and dark place.


Product Typefoodstuff
Country of manufacture日本
IngredientsSugar (beensai sugar), starch syrup, Golden and brown ginger extract

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